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SybaCloud™ cloud storage is technology that keeps, maintains, and secures data remotely. This service is accessible over a network, usually the internet. It allows businesses to store files online so that staff can access them anywhere, any time.

SybaCloud™ works by storing data on remote servers where it can be maintained, managed, backed up and accessed remotely. Data stored in the cloud is accessible by any device at any time with strict permissions and protocols in place. Despite its accessibility, data stored via the cloud is extremely safe and secure.

Although a lot of companies still have physical servers as part of their business models, it is not long before the majority of businesses turn to cloud-based storage. Notably due to recent challenges highlighting the importance of preserving operations. Sybacloud™ offers a Hybrid environment utilising both your current infrastruture and the cloud.


Ransomware/Malware Protection

Ransomware is just bad. Unfortunately, it has also become prominent in today’s news. One of the more worrying ransomware characteristics is that the malware reaches beyond the locally infected computer to its network for shares that have documents and files to encrypt. If you’re hit by ransomware or some other malware that is encrypting or destroying files, you will be relieved to know that SybaCloud™ storage can help to protect against ransomware by offering Disaster Recovery to retrieve and store your valuable data.

Security centric solutions

In all thing’s internet related, safety becomes our primary concern. Almost all business, big and small, use cloud storage services. While choosing a cloud service, make sure that your business is sufficiently protected with enterprise-level security.

Only 6% of businesses live for over two years after a major data breach. That is why data in the cloud is so precious. It defends against server crashes, employee errors, natural disasters, and your important data against loss.

Cloud data storage can get you closer to becoming more immune to cyberattacks. You need to use several layers of protection for your credentials and data, partnered with Sybaweb using SybaCloud™ protocols you can rest assured that only approved persons have access to stored files in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Every business has a backup storage plan where they store all the copies of their data. If they encounter any collapse or loss of data issues, they can retrieve data from their backup plan, and that is why cloud storage provides the best platform for disaster recovery.

Do you follow a 3-2-1 backup rule? This rule encourages companies to make three copies of their records, two to be stored in two separate types of storage and a third kept off-site. The overall idea is that should misfortune such as an on-site fire occur, wiping out the two copies, there is still a third to fall back on.

Until cloud storage, third copies were mostly stored on disposable hard drives and in storage lockers or on other premises, sometimes private dwellings. Although better than not to have an off-site copy at all, this still leaves data open to theft or harm.

With just a few clicks to drop a copy of your files to your cloud storage system you can keep a third copy of your data off-site and secure. No matter what happens to your computer, server, or office building, you will still have a safe and secure copy of your most critical data.

Convenient sharing of files

Every cloud storage service provides the file-sharing features, which helps you to share your file with other users. You can either send a file to another user or invite multiple users to view your data. SybaCloud™ provides a cloud environment in which two users using the same cloud service can share their data.
This feature has made the new-found importance of being able to work remotely, possible, and convenient.


All you will need within your office is a computer and an internet connection, hard disks or flash drives are no longer required to access or view your data – everything is done online. Much of your server hardware will no longer be necessary, which saves physical space and eliminates the need for maintenance and employee attention.

It is still possible to download any file or data to your device for offline access, but you may browse and edit your data online if chosen. This data would then not occupy any space on your device. Even if changes are made, all these changes will reflect on every device which is synced with SybaCloud™.

You do not require any expertise or technical knowledge to utilize SybaCloud™, with a little training and guidance all employees are able to adequately use our service. All the technical aspects are maintained, managed, and supported by Sybaweb. This frees up your employees who would otherwise cover these tasks, for more business essential and profitable duties.


Cloud storage works in the background. Any file you store in the cloud will not disrupt any ongoing task. There may be more than one user using SybaCloud™, and the operation of one user will not affect the function of another as it is all managed and automated.

Multiple users

SybaCloud™ can have more than one user linked. With cloud storage, multiple users can collaborate. For example, you can give access to your business files to multiple users so they may access and edit. Only authorized persons will be able to access your file from any part of the world in real-time.


With SybaCloud™ synchronization, you can sync the cloud storage data with any device you want. You can access your data from any device and any part of the world. This accessibility is done with the help of synchronization.

With the correct credentials, you can log in to your storage service with any device, and you will be able to access all your data that has been stored. There is no need to copy data from one device to another, but you need a good internet connection to have access to all your files.

Increased Productivity

Cloud storage frees up space which enables computers to operate at an increased speed. This demonstrates how Sybacloud ™ has far more benefits for your business than just storage.

With SybaCloud™ all your documents are held in one space, therefore a quick search will find a document in seconds, freeing up time for businesses to focus on essential tasks.

With the assistance of our technical staff managing your SybaCloud™, your staff are also free to focus on their core roles in your business.


Sybacloud ™ storage is scalable and flexible. If the current plan of storage is not enough, you can upgrade the service plan. There is no need to move any data from one location to another, the extra space will be added to your SybaCloud™ storage environment with the necessary features.

This means you pay for what you use, as you use it. No more having to predict how much extra space you need for the year and risk paying for unused space.


Cloud accessibility advantages are growing exponentially for companies of all sizes in the post pandemic market. We can operate and perform anywhere in today’s networking environment. Your business can work efficiently, regardless of where your staff are physically.

COVID has uprooted our lives and confined most of the world to their homes. This saw a surge of businesses move online and work with their staff remotely. The cloud helps make this possible and feasible.

Operating on multiple devices is also more seamless with SybaCloud™.

Cloud Storage Can Save Costs

Cost savings are an important benefit to any business. Most of the best cloud services tend to be expensive because they are specially designed for business purposes and selecting a less expensive plan may have you compromising some of its features. Sybacloud™ is generally more affordable because costs of the infrastructure and services are distributed across many businesses. Further than this, moving to the cloud reduces the need to purchase hard disks, and the enclosures that contain them, the electricity that powers them, and the hardware warranty services that protect them. It also lowers management costs by reducing on-premise hardware and software management, simplifying monitoring, and reducing the need for extensive capacity planning.

Integrating Cloud Storage Boosts Your Business.
Now is the time to boost your business with SybaCloud™.
Imagine the precious resources and time your business is losing the longer you wait on virtualising your business functions. The advantages of SybaCloud™ are extensive and continue to develop. Cloud storage is key for the growth of your business, so it is crucial to continue to adapt alongside these ever-evolving technologies as soon as possible.

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