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Cyber Security is now viewed as a dominant risk area in business and requires our serious attention. The recent spike in malware, and the more malevolent ransomware, indicates a renewed determination from cyber criminals to access company information and cause immeasurable harm across all platforms.

We understand the nature of these attacks and work with our clients to ensure that there are no unnecessary doors left open to their network. We advise on good practise procedures, such as two factor authentication, and introduce best of breed security products onto their network that minimise risk.

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Most threats to the security of your information comes from human error.

Cyber security requires the right resources, which many businesses don’t have. By evaluating your requirements, we can put in place measures to limit access to critical information within your organisation. We will work with your staff to ensure they are using industry best practice for accessing information from wherever they operate.


Using the latest Cyber Security technology is not enough. We provide the underlying processes with which to manage your IT security to ensure optimal protection.

We will control all incidents occurring on your network and provide detailed incident reports on the corrective actions taken. In the event of a cyber-attack, or breach, we will guide you through on how to respond.



We adopt a layered security approach to ensure that it does not matter how or from where you access your network.

With us, there will be multiple tools in your arsenal, such as Encryption, Multi Factor Authentication, Encrypted Archiving and many more.


Most of the attacks that happen today are not performed by viruses, but by other tools and methods used by Cyber Criminals. There are many back-doors to your business network, such as your Firewall, your E-mail, and even your USB ports. A complete Cyber Security solution will provide you with a full coverage against known threats, and will be continuously updating to protect you against the new ones. Our protection starts from the creation of Policies, and goes all the way to monitor your network from all sorts of external and internal attacks.

Small and Medium Enterprises have become the main targets for hackers and Cyber Criminals in the past few years. Over 50% of all Cyber Attacks target SMEs, mostly because they do not invest much in their own defences – and therefore an attack is much more likely to succeed. A Cyber Criminal may not just be looking for money, but even your data is a valuable resource for them. Customer’s information, confidential material and private files may be used against your business without you ever being aware of the breach.

Today, it is not a matter of “if” you become a target, but “when” you do. And the sad reality is that most businesses are not able to recover from an attack. Over 60% of businesses will close their doors up to 6 months after an attack.

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