Becoming a resilient organisation


If you want your company to succeed through all challenges, you must have the appropriate technologies to help you keep up with the changing business world.

Whether it’s rapid technological advancements, cyberattacks, stalling economies or even a global pandemic, only resilient organisations can weather these storms.

That is why the concept of organisational resilience is now more relevant than ever before. Organisational resilience is all about how well a company anticipates, plans for and responds to gradual change and unexpected disruptions in its business environment so that it can continue to operate and thrive.

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What does a resilient organisation do?

Organisations that recover quickly from setbacks typically do the following:

Create an environment for innovation

An organisation’s employees are among its most valuable assets. You can encourage innovation among your employees by creating a work culture that supports creative thinking and effective communication. This will empower them to contribute their knowledge, abilities and suggestions.

An innovative work culture ensures that everyone in the company works towards improving business practices, productivity and overall resilience. An innovative organisation can quickly come up with multiple strategies to deal with a crisis.

Overcome organisational and reputational setbacks

Almost every firm will face reputational or organisational setbacks at some point during its life span. Some businesses may crumble as a result of their inability to prepare for and recover from change and challenges. However, the resilient ones will do everything in their power to identify the source of the setback, rectify the damage caused and make communication with stakeholders transparent.

Adapt to meet changing customer needs

Consumer demands and behaviour are influenced by global events. With that in mind, if a customer-focused company wants to survive and prepare for the future, it must understand and adapt to changes.
Asking these three questions will provide organisations with perspective:
What are our customers’ behaviours?
Why do our customers behave that way?
What do we need to alter to cater to a new set of demands and behaviours?

Adopts only the technology advances that they need

You want your company to succeed however you may feel pressured to keep up with all the rapid technological advancement available. From experience, what you actually need is the appropriate technology for your business and then you’ll be equipped to deal with the daily changing landscape you face.

We recommend a technology refresh. A technology refresh is the process of replacing technology components regularly by evaluating their ability to integrate with other infrastructure components in your business, rather than waiting until the outdated element becomes an impediment to achieving your company’s objectives.

With our years of experience in helping organisations like yours to identify plan and implement IT technologies and strategy, we know we can make a difference to your business. Let us take you through a no obligation ICT Healthcheck and see how fit for your business purpose you really are.

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Rise to the challenge

While it’s impossible to control what challenges your business encounters, you can certainly control how you deal with them. A resilient organisation will be better equipped to stand firm in the face of severe adversity and will have the means to recover as quickly as possible.

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