Refresh your IT Infrastructure in 2022


In 2020 the daily life of all people around the globe changed drastically. Lockdowns took a drastic toll on everyone and every business, but it was cybercriminals’ time to shine.

After the ups and downs of the last two years, the business world enters the new year with renewed optimism. CEO’s and business executives are identifying strategies to start off with a strong quarter by adapting to a new normal. Do you have the best technology infrastructure to help you get the most out of 2022? If not, it’s time to consider a technology refresh.

Every business wishes to grow to its full potential and beyond, but if your technological infrastructure is only an afterthought, you may be severely limiting your company’s ability to reach optimal growth. A company’s productivity; efficiency; security and scalability are directly impacted by business technology.

An up-to-date and high-quality IT infrastructure is an asset that enables you to do business without falling prey to cyber threats and helps you achieve your goals. IT infrastructure is a critical component of your business – and its importance is often underestimated in SMEs.

Start 2022 on the right foot! A technology refresh enables a company to analyse the current state of its IT infrastructure and weigh the merits of trying something better. For a company’s long-term success, it’s best to review your present IT infrastructure — hardware, software and other technology solutions — to determine what additional solutions are available and would better suit its needs.

SybaWeb creates a custom IT solution for each of our clients, to satisfy every need in their IT Infrastructures.

Reasons Worth Considering Refreshing Your IT Infrastructure:

The following are the top four reasons to refresh your technology infrastructure:

1. Increased security:

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Reports show that ransomware increased by 435%, compared to 2019. To prohibit leaving our business vulnerable to cyber criminals, you must understand where your technology and security measures fall short.
Some of the threats that SME IT infrastructures must defend against are:
• Targeted ransomware attacks
• Phishing attacks
• Insider threats
• DDoS attacks

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2. Reliable Backup

Second only to its employees, a company’s most important asset is its data. It is therefore critical that data remains confidential, authentic and available throughout its life cycle. For this reason, a Cyber Security company like Sybaweb will always have it as one of its priorities. Back up is the process of copying data and storing it to prevent loss of vital company information. What is less well-known and just as important, is the concept of Disaster Recovery: the act of restoring these copies to a live environment. In short, this implies knowing how long it will take for your systems to get backed up and running again, and significantly, how much data has been lost in the process. First, we must develop a Business Continuity Plan to define exactly what the procedure will be in the case of a disaster. Then we will discuss what the recovery objectives are, in terms of data and time, to define the best solution. At SybaWeb we provide onsite and cloud backup solutions, and regularly test these backups to ensure client data remains available and that recovery is fit for purpose to the requirements of our clients.

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3. Assurance That Your Company Is Meeting Compliance Requirements

Every industry is subject to compliance regulations. If you use outdated technology that no longer receives software patches and is no longer supported, you may jeopardise your compliance status. Finding gaps in your infrastructure now, allows you to remedy them early on, avoiding reputational damage and exposing your company to regulators.

Never take compliance lightly since failure to comply can result in:
• Denial of insurance claims
• Hefty penalties
• Criminal charges
• Uninvited audits
• Forced closure or even imprisonment

4. Collaborate for Success

A timely technology refresh could act as an energy boost for your company, enabling it to be more resilient. Begin your IT infrastructure refresh journey with a specialised partner.

Knowing that the process is in skilled hands gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on building your business and doing what you do best.

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