Business Continuity

Have you ever experienced downtime in your business where you cannot access your information and systems?
Now imagine a situation where this goes on for days, affecting your entire business.
Then imagine you find out that your data has been lost.
Have you ever lost revenue due to downtime in your business where you cannot access your information and systems?
Or suffered temporary or irretrievable data loss?
One of the most valued assets to any organisation is its data, the implications to losing this information permanently is enormous.

That’s where Business Continuity comes in. The purpose of Business Continuity planning is to prepare for and limit the effects of that eventuality. However, Business Continuity planning is complex and often gets overlooked or avoided. Taking a proactive approach to backups and security will help eliminate threats and ensure continuity.

Ultimately having great Business Continuity planning is all about your being able to sleep well with peace of mind.


Continuity Planning

We work with you to understand your backup requirements and to identify the areas of your business that are most critical in the event of down time. These objectives are recorded and a backup regime designed to meet your needs. In the event that a crisis should occur, we can get you back up and running as quickly as you require.

Ensuring your recovery

We monitor backups in real time to identify issues and client backup reports are reviewed daily.

Issues are identified by our support engineers, escalated according to severity and resolved within the time frames agreed, keeping you informed of critical issues that could impact the business.

Results and peace of mind

Our backups are tested frequently and we provide monthly reporting to our clients on their backup performance.


The solution that Sybaweb offers for Business Protection is more comprehensive than an online backup service, which simply addresses one aspect of the solution. Online backup is also a very general term and depending on your setup your recovery in the event of a disaster could be quite long.

Our Business Protection Service encompasses unified threat management, file retention, redundancy, versioning, backup, device management and recovery planning for business continuity all from a centralised management console with full reporting.

Not only do we regularly test our backups and verify their recovery state, we also conduct our own full Disaster Recovery internal exercise on a regular basis.

While our reporting gives you details of your backup health, we can simulate a Disaster Recovery for your business on a scheduled basis which is something we encourage our clients to commit to as good practise.

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