Our Story

Established in 1995, our ownership has remained privately held. We value our independence as this allows us the agility to move fast as technology advances, and to embrace emerging trends, but above all it makes it fun to work here.
As one of the oldest Independent Service Providers in Southern Africa, we have grown from our early ISP origins to embrace a Managed Technology Services footprint that operates and supports our clients nationally, and across the continent.

Our Approach

At SybaWeb we’re big on being a part of our client’s short, medium and long term IT strategy and over the years have developed what we feel is a winning approach. Key is our desire to constantly demonstrate our value to our clients.

Our Values

Think Big

Success is not an accident
We punch above our weight and seek out challenges that make us better people and a better company


Embrace and drive positive change
We embrace change and design processes and procedures to support positive outcomes for both ourselves and our clients


A Win for you is a Win for us
Partnership in the true sense of the word. Working together to advance our mutual interests and obtain win-win results.

Communicate with Clarity

Crystal clear purpose and clarity, leaving no room for misunderstanding or error. Seek first to understand, then be understood

Go above and beyond

We always go the extra mile to bring our customers to a better place

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Whether your query is big or small, we’d be delighted to help.