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So how Cyber Fit are you?

Sybaweb is offering a No Obligation ICT Health Check to Businesses currently operating in the Covid-19 environment! ( Get yours here )

Cyber Security and all round ICT Health can be a vague area for most industry outsiders and non-technical individuals. Unfortunately, this often means that we only realise its importance when we are in the middle of a crisis. Knowing where your Company is most vulnerable is the first step to strengthening and securing your IT environment.

Our ICT Health Check will tell you this about your Company:

Cyber Security

We report on any threats observed during the assessment which have bypassed your existing Cyber Security solutions. These threats should be considered active and potentially dangerous.

How: With our Cyber Security threat analysis we analyse application vulnerabilities and all threats attacking the company’s network. We will pinpoint “at risk” devices and identify which malware or botnets were detected, all the more critical as our offices continue to function from remote locations.

Network Health

Finding out what is really running on your Network can be valuable and enlightening!

How: With our network probes on your WAN ( Wide Area Network) and LAN ( Local Area Network) we can report on how cloud based SaaS, peer to peer, gaming, social media and other application subcategories are potentially impacting your productivity. Our probes will also tell you about your bandwidth usage, uptake and requirements which can have a huge impact on speed, productivity and costs.

Infrastructure Health

So often the area of ICT health is neglected because Companies think they have an asset list but are surprised when shown what is actually being utilized.

How: By loading our probes we can Map your Infrastructure from your servers to any handheld devices, giving valuable age analysis, update history and location.

Backup and Business Continuity

Great Backup plans are only great if they are fully functioning and implemented regularly. Do you know where, what and how quickly your Company would recover from a Backup Disaster? We will check the health of yours.

How: By comparing your Backup Policy and Business Continuity implementation to what is actually happening in practise and sharing our Best Practise Disaster Recovery Policies with you.

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