ICT Health Assessment – Prioritise threats to your business

Today’s businesses must deal with multiple issues, including failed backups, cyber threats and regulatory compliance. In order to help discover and remedy these gaps in your IT, SybaWeb offers a No Obligation ICT Health Check ( Get yours here) Cyber Security and all-round ICT Health can be a vague area for most industry outsiders and non-technical individuals. Unfortunately, this often means that we only realise its importance when we are in the middle of a crisis. Knowing where your company is most vulnerable is the first step to strengthening and securing your IT infrastructure. An IT audit, or ICT Heath Check, can assist your company in identifying and resolving gaps in the security, compliance and backup.
Key questions in an IT Health Check includes:
  1. Is your current IT infrastructure vulnerable or lacking in any areas?
  2. Are there any unnecessary tools or processes that do not align with your goals and vision in the company?
  3. What steps can you take to address the discovered vulnerabilities?
  4. Are you in compliance with applicable regulations, prepared to defend against security threats and capable of restoring business capabilities in the event of a system outage or data breach?

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An up-to-date and high-quality IT infrastructure is an asset that enables you to do business without falling prey to cyber threats and helps you achieve your goals. IT infrastructure is a critical component of your business – and its importance is often underestimated in SMEs.

SybaWeb creates a custom IT solution for each of our clients, to satisfy every need within their IT Infrastructure.

Contact us today (Contact Us | SybaWeb) to talk to our specialists. We’ll seek to understand your concerns, identify your vulnerabilities and propose solutions to improve your security.

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